Commissioned Artwork

I accept commission requests worldwide for custom artwork of people, pets, and places.. or for any of your other unique imagery needs. Pricing for commissions varies based on the type, size, and detail of the piece. If you are interested in having custom artwork created, please fill out the contact form below with a detailed description.

Once you contact me for consultation on your commission, every detail will be gone over including size of the piece, color themes and possible reference photos you would like to incorporate. The price of the piece will be discussed at this time and you will receive a contract detailing your commission and what you can expect from my services.

Please note that I DO NOT paint excessive amounts of lettering.​

Accepted forms of payment:


**All original artworks are the property of Casey L Carter Art. ​

I do not sell the rights to my images. This just means that your image can and will be used in my portfolio.

Thanks! Message sent.